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Mold Finisher

Shape and smooth metal surfaces to finish molds.

What does a Mold Finisher do?

Shapes and smooths metal surfaces to finish molds, using handtools: Lifts partially completed mold half with hoist, and positions and secures in holding fixture. Removes burrs and smooths contoured surfaces with powered hand grinder. Positions and hammers specified handtool against mold surface to make sharper impression. Verifies contour of impression with templates. Applies blue pigment to mold surfaces, and presses mold halves together manually to locate high spots. Fits and installs nameplate in mold, using handtools. Inserts preformed metal tabs into slots in mold, verifies height of each insert with preset dial indicator, and hammers mold metal around inserts with pneumatic hammer to secure them. Performs other hand scraping, sanding, and brushing tasks, using handtools, to shape and smooth mold. May make own handtools.