Molasses Preparer

Tend equipment to process molasses worts.

What does a Molasses Preparer do?

Tends equipment to process molasses wort for use in production of baker’s yeast: Turns valve to admit molasses into weigh tank. Observes scale and pumps measured molasses into heating tank. Adds specified amounts of water and chemicals to molasses to precipitate impurities. Starts mixing unit and opens valves to allow steam to circulate in coils of tank to heat molasses to specified temperature. Mixes diatomaceous earth with water and pours specified amount of mixture into tank to clarify molasses. Pumps filter solution through filter to precoat screens. Pumps molasses through filter to settling tank to remove impurities from molasses. Measures sludge level in settling tank, using depth gauge, and opens valve to decant molasses. Observes level indicators and pumps specified amount of cane molasses to mix with beet molasses in holding tank.