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Circumcise babies according to Jewish customs.

What does a Mohel do?

According to the Jewish faith, male babies must have their foreskins removed. Fathers can perform this ceremony, but many don’t feel comfortable heading toward their babies’ nether regions with a knife. But you do! As a Mohel, you have training in the Jewish ritual surrounding circumcision, as well as medical training that ensures the procedure will be done safely.

Several days before you perform the circumcision as the Mohel, you meet with the parents and give the baby a thorough medical examination. If the baby has a physical problem that will make the procedure unsafe, you tell the parents that you won’t perform the circumcision. This is rare, of course, but it will happen at some point in your career as a Mohel.

Families often hold parties to celebrate the work you do. When you arrive, you greet them and their guests. However, your clothing lets them know that you’re there to perform the procedure, so you aren’t mistaken for a lost family member.

When it’s time to begin, you clean the area and cut the foreskin using tools you’ve brought along. After the circumcision, you remove blood from the area, apply a bandage, and perform a small ceremony to bless and name the child. When your work is complete, you feast on the food the family has prepared for the party. This aspect of the job is a nice perk, but it can be hard on your waistline.

At home, you disinfect your tools and prepare them for the next job. In a few days, you see the baby once more and make sure he’s healing up nicely. Then you congratulate yourself for having added another member to the faith.