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Modern Literature Professor

Teach university students about modern literature.

What does a Modern Literature Professor do?

Perhaps the toughest and most beloved Professor at the university, a Modern Literature Professor instructs university students on the evolution of literature out of the Middle Ages and into the 20th century. Your primary goal as a Modern Literature Professor is to instill a sense of appreciation in those eager English majors who adore literature and enjoy close analysis of the written word.

Depending on where your interests lie, your specialty will vary. Do you care for the early modern era? Then perhaps you focus on Shakespeare, Cervantes, or Rousseau. Or maybe you’re interests lie in social commentators like Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde.

No matter your area, though, your lectures and discussions must bring the novels and literary works to life.

It’s your job as a Teacher, mentor, and speaker to connect the pleasure of reading with the rigor of scholarship, a synthesis that comes with years of training. You assign papers, prepare long-answer quizzes, and ask provoking questions to engage your students. Outside of the classroom, you may also have office hours when students can come and ask for guidance on how to read and write like a true scholar of literature.

Your own scholarship develops and continues with this teaching position. As you read and study modern novels, there’s an expectation in academia that you continually publish new research. Delve into a topic you love, and become an expert. Your name will mean something in the world of Modern Literature Professors as you publish your own research in scholarly journals.