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Modeling Instructor

Train wannabe Models to pose and strut their stuff.

What does a Modeling Instructor do?

Modeling Instructors have a passion for the art of modeling and work to share their skills with fresh, young talent.

As a Modeling Instructor, you offer classes that commonly take place on the weekends and during weekday nights. That means you can be a Modeling Instructor on a full-time or part-time basis, fitting it around a day job, schooling, or recreational activities.

Your courses are offered through community centers, community college campuses, or a modeling school. Wherever your students track you down, they’re looking to fine-tune or initiate their modeling skill set. They may want to walk the runway, be on the cover of a magazine, or pursue a career as an Actor.

So you dream up the perfect lesson plans and then find ways to present that information in informative and interesting ways. While you instruct students to balance a book on their head, correctly apply make-up, and properly coordinate the newest fashion trends, you also evaluate their skills and offer constructive criticism.

Because the world of fashion and modeling is ever changing, you attend (or maybe even conduct) workshops and seminars that discuss the newest styles and looks.