Modeling Agency Director

Recruit, maintain, and hire out a lineup of Models.

What does a Modeling Agency Director do?

The fashion world runs on fast forward, and the Modeling Agency Director is the ringleader keeping everything functioning. Modeling Agency Directors oversee the staff and Models at a modeling agency – a business that trains and hires out Models to Photographers, Fashion Designers, and advertising agencies. Your income comes from finding the best of the best for the runways.

As a Modeling Agency Director, you hire staff, plan your company’s goals, and pump lots of money into advertising to land high-paying clients. Your staff must be top-notch and, in turn, produce top-notch Models. Your Model Talent Scouts discover and train the Models you employ, while you land modeling deals with different companies.

With great responsibility comes long hours – this is no nine-to-five gig. You work until the job is done. When a Model falls ill or a Photographer schedules an unexpected shoot, you can find yourself up at all hours of the night finding replacements to make last-minute deadlines.

All the hustle and bustle can be tense at times, but most of the time, you find it invigorating. You have free rein to build a brand for yourself and share your creative vision with the world through your carefully chosen Models. Whatever the occasion, you have a photogenic lady for the job!