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Use your beauty to sell products of all types.

Salary Range

$19,020 - $37,250

What does a Model do?

A picture’s worth a thousand words. People like pretty pictures, and they absolutely love pretty pictures of pretty people. When you’re a model, therefore, you’re a secret weapon for the advertising, fashion and publishing industries.

Because consumers can’t help but be attracted to pretty things–and people–companies hire you with the intention of using your beauty to sell their product or service, which could be anything from a car to a piece of clothing to a condo. Your job is more than looking fabulous, however. Just as often, it’s working hard.

Depending on what kind of model you are–for example, a runway model, fitness model, or parts model–you might spend your workdays modeling clothes on runways during live fashion shows; posing for photographs in magazines, catalogs or advertisements; and showcasing products at trade shows, shopping malls or promotional events.

When you’re not modeling, you’re still working. You attend auditions, for instance, travel between jobs and work out at the gym before your next photo shoot. Although your final look is flawless, achieving it takes commitment, endurance, and thick skin.

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