Model Scout

Keep an eye out for America's next top model to sign to your agency.

What does a Model Scout do?

Fashion Models, with their impossibly long legs and practiced gazes of insolence, seem to be born rather than made. But behind every successful Model stands one talented Model Scout. A Model Scout has the ability to spot hidden beauty, and the power to recruit these lovelies into modeling houses.

As a Model Scout, you have permission to read fashion magazines all day long. In fact, you’re encouraged to do just that so you can keep track of the Models that Photographers and Art Directors seem to love. Sometimes, these professionals even give you wish lists of looks they’d like to see.

Each day, you walk through the city searching for people who have the right look. When you spy a target, you take a photograph and hand out one of your business cards. You engage the person in a bit of chitchat, talking up the benefits of being a Model and encouraging the recruit to call you back.

Promising a specific salary or offering the person a job on the spot isn’t ethical. Asking them to call you and talk at length is more appropriate.

When the call comes, you schedule an interview. Here, you look closely at the recruit to make sure they’re truly as beautiful as you first thought.

Sometimes, you snap more photos for future reference. Then, you point out the benefits and drawbacks of working in the industry, and you ask the person to sign a contract for services. Once this contract is signed, your work is all done.