Model Maker I

Make models for use as molds in casting silverware articles.

What does a Model Maker I do?

Makes models by hand from materials, such as plastic, plaster, wax, and metals, according to prepared design for use as molds in casting silverware articles, using sculpturing, carving, and engraving tools: Cuts, carves, chisels, scrapes, and files plaster, wax, or other plastic materials to make model of article in conformity with design. Makes mold of clay or plaster and casts metal sample of model [MOLD MAKER I]. Grinds, sharpens, and makes own handtools, such as scrapers, cutters, gougers, and shapers. May chase decorative designs on silver blanks to be used as models from which steel-production dies are made [CHASER]. May make own jigs and fixtures.