Mobile Phlebotomist

Travel around to collect blood for medical purposes.

What does a Mobile Phlebotomist do?

Usually, it’s best if blood stays in the veins where it belongs. But sometimes, Doctors need samples of blood for testing. Other times, people donate blood to others who don’t have enough of their own. As a Mobile Phlebotomist, you travel from place to place, taking blood from people for these purposes.

As a Mobile Phlebotomist you may work for an organization that holds large blood drives at schools and churches. In this role, you may take blood from hundreds of people in a single day. First, you disinfect the person’s arm, put a band around it, and insert a needle to collect the blood. As the Mobile Phlebotomist, you also monitor the person as the blood moves into the collection bag, making sure they don’t faint or have any medical problem.

You remove the needle when the bag is full, and label the bag properly so others will know the blood type found in it. Then you send the person off to eat cookies and drink juice while you prepare for the next donor.

You may also work for a clinic or Doctor’s office, taking blood samples from people who are too ill to leave their homes. Again, you apply a band around the person’s arm and insert a needle. You extract their blood into several test tubes, as directed by the Doctor, and you label each tube properly before putting them in a cool container for storage.

Many people are scared of needles, so you must reassure your patients that you won’t hurt them. You may distract them by telling funny stories or singing catchy songs.