Mobile Notary

Provide traveling notary services by going wherever you client needs you.

What does a Mobile Notary do?

A Notary Public is a person who’s trained to perform certain acts in legal affairs, typically witnessing signatures. Legal signatures (like those on contracts) have to be witnessed by an unbiased third party to ensure validity. As a Mobile Notary, you take this a step further-literally-because you travel to your clients’ locations as a Mobile Notary to notarize their documents, instead of them coming to you.

For example, Bob and Sue are 50 miles north of St. Louis, MO, signing a contract for their new house, and they need a Notary. You, the Mobile Notary, are in St. Louis, MO, but since you’re a Mobile Notary, you travel the 50 miles to provide your service.

Keen attention to detail is essential in this position. That’s because you’re validating legal contracts, and if mistakes are made, entire deals could be compromised. The ability to comprehend basic English is also important, as you fill in the blanks on many forms required in legal affairs.

Notary applicants typically have to pass a background check (in most states, that means you must have no criminal history), and some states require additional licensing tests as well. A good driving record (and obviously a Driver ‘s license) is necessary since a large portion of your day is spent in transit from one location to another.