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Mobile Insurance Examiner

Confirm the validity of insurance claims through field investigations.

What does a Mobile Insurance Examiner do?

As a Mobile Insurance Examiner, you evaluate insurance claims for legitimacy, and determine if the claim should be paid. You can work in any area of insurance, like auto, health, life, crop, or homeowner’s. Wherever you end up though, you work in the “field” rather than in the office as a Mobile Insurance Examiner.

For example, Bryan the Farmer invests in crop insurance for his onion farm. The policy pays only if Bryan waters his onions regularly using bottled water. When the onions die, Molly the Mobile Insurance Examiner travels to Bryan’s farm and investigates the situation.

Molly evaluates the damage and determines that Bryan did in fact water the onions; they simply died because of an early frost. Molly then completes the necessary approval forms, and Bryan receives payment for his dead onions.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills are important as a Mobile Insurave Examiner because your first priority is working with clients. To determine the settlement amount for claims, you need critical thinking and analysis skills. A variety of factors must be considered and analyzed to ensure than an appropriate decision is made.

The excitement of being in different locations daily (and sometimes even hourly) keeps the days rolling quickly. However, you should be able to walk, stand, sit, climb, and lift up to 30 pounds regularly during your workday. That’s because assessing damage sometimes requires climbing several flights of stairs, walking distances, and moving articles from the area. It’s hard work, but you’ll find it truly rewarding when you begin putting lives back together after a horrible event.