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Mobile Application Developer



Create games and other apps for smartphones.

What does a Mobile Application Developer do?

The popularity of smart phones that do more than simply make phone calls has brought about the need for Mobile Application Developers. Playing video games has grown to new levels, and in this position, you’re right in the thick of those changes. Every game and tool used on a mobile device is created by a really smart Mobile Application Developer.

As the job title suggests, as the Mobile Application Developer, you’re responsible for creating programs used on mobile devices such as smart phones. Walking through the process looks like this: Sally in software development decides that consumers need a way to track how many calories they consume in a day. Once the idea is approved, you, the Mobile Application Developer, step in. Your job is to write the program that makes it work.

After writing the program, you test it, make the necessary changes and tweaks, and eventually release it to the public. Inevitably, problems with the program will be found, and you’ll then be responsible for repairing them.

Obviously, extensive computer knowledge is required. Significant familiarity with cellular technology and the programs that make it operate is also mandatory.

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