Create new drinks that push the envelope of taste.

What does a Mixologist do?

Back in the day, you didn’t have many options when ordering a drink at a bar. There were pretty much just the classics, like Martinis or Cosmopolitans. Today, however, there seem to be an unlimited number of concoctions with names like “Mickey Slim” and “The One Cheek Sneak.”

The people in charge of this explosion of new drinking choices are known as Mixologists. As a Mixologist, you’re like an expert in alcohol. You know all there is to know about how different flavors mix, and you use this knowledge to create innovative and exciting drinks.

Though your job is always to spin bottles and shake mixers until you get a new pick-me-up, your exact responsibilities vary depending on where you work. Liquor companies hire Mixologists to create new drinks using only their alcohol. Once you’ve got a few new options, you travel to different bars, teaching Bartenders how to make your drinks, and trying to convince them to sell more bottles by featuring your creations.

When working for a new club or bar looking to shake things up, you become part of the marketing team, creating a signature cocktail menu that will get people in the door and spending money. Like a Chef, you create something with a unique flavor that pushes the envelope of taste. You can go complex with multiple alcohols, mixers, and fruit pieces, or keep it simple, adding only one other ingredient to make the taste pop.

As with any bar job, expect some late nights.