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Mixer Operator II

Tend machines that mix additives and raw salt to fortify salt products.

What does a Mixer Operator II do?

Tends machine that mixes specified amounts of additives and raw salt to fortify salt products, such as table salt, salt tablets, and block salt: Weighs out specified amounts of additives, such as potassium iodide, magnesium carbonate, garlic, and spices, using scale, and dumps them into drum of mixer. Starts automatic weighing machine that weighs out prescribed amount of salt. Moves levers to transfer salt from scales to mixing drum and starts mixer. Pushes lever to open bottom of mixer and discharge mixed product into packing bins or into feed hopper of tablet compressor. May tend vibrating screens to size salt crystals. May be designated according to product for which salt is mixed as Mixer Operator, Raw Salt; Mixer Operator, Tablets; Mixer Operator, Vacuum-Pan Salt.