Mixer Operator I

Control mixing machines to blend ingredients for explosives.

What does a Mixer Operator I do?

Controls mixing machine and auxiliary equipment to blend ingredients for explosives, such as dynamite, smokeless powder, and solid-propellant rocket fuel: Weighs out and charges specified quantities of solid materials into mixer, or feeds preweighed materials into mixing chamber. Meters prescribed quantities of liquid chemical agents, such as nitroglycerin, wetting agents, catalysts, or solvents into machine. Starts mixer to blend ingredients for specified time or until prescribed reaction occurs. Tilts mixer to discharge contents, moves dump lever, or shovels materials into containers for storage, shipment, or further processing. May compute quantities of chemical agents required for batch of given size, according to formula. May tend auxiliary equipment units, such as dissolving tanks, oven, or vibrating screens, to prepare or further process materials before or after mixing. When blending ingredients for pyrotechnic tracer shells, is designated Composition Mixer. When mixing nitroglycerin and dry ingredients to produce dynamite, regulating mixer speed and ingredients according to grade and type of dynamite specified, is designated Dope Mixer.