Mixer II

Weigh and mix chemicals for use as explosive ingredients in pyrotechnics.

What does a Mixer II do?

Weighs and mixes chemicals according to formula for use as explosive ingredients in pyrotechnics: Examines chemicals to ensure that color and texture conform to specifications. Weighs prescribed quantities of chemicals. Rubs powdered chemicals through screens to obtain specified fineness. Mixes screened powders to obtain uniform blend. May dump powdered chemicals onto stone table, blend them with linseed oil, using roller, and mix blended material with additional chemicals by machine. May tend tumbling machine to obtain finer powders. May cure and dry mixture. May be designated according to type of powder mixed as Floatlight-Powder Mixer; Incendiary-Powder Mixer; Photoflash-Powder Mixer; Pyrotechnic Mixer; Starter-Cup-Powder Mixer.