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Mixer Helper

Perform duties to facilitate making wallboards.

What does a Mixer Helper do?

Performs following duties to facilitate making wallboard: Puddles plaster slurry discharged from mixing machine, using puddling stick, and spreads it evenly for feeding into machine that combines slurry and paper into wallboard. Observes flow and squeezes flexible discharge nozzle of mixing machine to prevent formation of lumps in slurry. Scrapes hardened slurry from edge guides and smoothing bars. Scoops sample of slurry in cylinder, weighs it, and sets sample aside for specified period to determine consistency. Places sample under testing needle that drops from specified height and indicates on dial depth of penetration to determine hardness of core. Records test results and reports defects to supervisor. Clears jams on wallboard machine and cleans work area. Participates in splicing paper and in repairing wallboard and mixing machines.