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Mixed Media Artist

Fashion works of art by mixing and matching various materials.

What does a Mixed Media Artist do?

A mixed media artist blends multiple genres of visual art to produce interesting combinations of images, materials, and textures. For example, your pieces could include photographs sewn with pieces of cloth, or plaster molded over chicken feathers that are stuck into a pincushion. On the whole, mixed media artists produce visual and tactile illustrations of things and concepts.

Many times there are more obvious messages conveyed through your work than are found in traditional forms like painting. This is because by blending forms, you are taking an unorthodox approach to art, one that deviates from historical tradition. Think about it: Paintings, sculptures, and glass pieces are historically practiced as celebrations of life and beauty. Their form defines the piece as much as the subject does because the form roots the piece firmly in a historical tradition that defines it as socially acceptable and even laudable.

But mixed media artists break historical form. This demands immediate attention by stepping outside the viewer’s comfort zone. By gaining this attention, you ask your viewer to question why you’ve broken the form. If you take a plastic chicken, place a photograph of the president’s head on it, and substitute the plastic wings for wings made of gun shells, think of the message you send. Now think of how much more visceral that message is than if that same image were painted on a canvas, or molded into a coherent sculpture.

By mixing forms you’re breaking tradition. This aggressive approach brings attention and emphasis to your work in a unique way.