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Mirror Specialist

Perform tasks involved in mirror production.

What does a Mirror Specialist do?

Performs any combination of following tasks involved in mirror production: Loads and unloads conveyors and feeds and off bears machines, such as washers, polishers, bevelers, edgers, and seamers. Cleans mirrors by hand with powdered pumice. Cuts fiberboard or plywood to size for mirror backs, using table saw. Rivets clips and hangers on fiberboard backs, using riveting machine. Drills holes in glass and unframed mirrors to accommodate bolts, screws, and cords, using single-spindle drilling machine. Folds prescored cartons and pads over form, inserts mirror, and closes and staples carton. Cuts lumber and assembles pieces to form boxes or crates, using handtools and power tools. Packs mirrors in excelsior-filled crates and labels and addresses them, using stencil. May install and fasten mirrors into prepared frames by nailing and gluing wood blocks to frames around back of mirror and tacking wood or cardboard backs to blocks.