Mirror Installer

Install custom mirrors on walls, ceilings, and doors.

What does a Mirror Installer do?

Installs custom mirrors on walls, ceilings, and doors in homes and commercial establishments, according to work orders and diagrams, with assistance of helper, using handtools: Loads and arranges mirrors on truck, according to sequence of customer orders. Covers each mirror section with burlap to prevent nicks, scratches, and breakage. Drives to customer location and unloads mirrors, equipment, and tools. Moves furniture to clear work site area and covers floor and furniture with drop cloths. Measures mirrors and dimensions of area to be covered by mirrors, using ruler, chalked cord, work order, and diagram. Determines plumb of walls or ceilings, using plumb line and level. Installs furring strips and shims to level wall surface and provide solid backing for mirrors, using ruler, saw, hammer, and nails. Cuts metal mounting strips and moldings to required lengths, using hacksaw or metal cutters. Attaches strips and moldings to wood, plaster, or concrete walls, using nails, screws, and stud gun. Applies mastic cement, putty, or screws in mirrors with predrilled holes to position and secure mirrors. Accepts payment for completed work.