Work deep underground to extract useful minerals.

What does a Miner do?

The world runs on resources. As a Miner, you find and extract those resources, and get them safely and efficiently to the people and businesses that need them. The job is dirty, physically demanding, and sometimes dangerous, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll be putting yourself in places where few people dare to venture, risking everything to bring back the precious materials that make civilization possible.

Mining encompasses a wide variety of areas: resource finding, energy extraction (oil, coal, and gas), and precious metal and mineral extraction, just to name a few. As you make your way through the world of mining, you may focus on one area, or choose to apply your skills and knowledge to a number of different sectors. Either way, you’ll find ample challenges posed to you by the very earth itself. The only way to overcome them will be by using your critical thinking skills, manual dexterity, and strong back.

You’ll also need to use your teamwork skills. Mining crews have different schedules, but they often live and work together for long periods of time (especially on oil rigs, etc.). Like intrepid explorers in far-off lands, they rely on each other to survive dangerous conditions and bring back precious treasures. From oil rigs out on the open water to coal mines deep underground, there’s nowhere a good Miner won’t go to get the job done.