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Mine Surveyor

Examine sites to see if they contain valuable natural resources.

What does a Mine Surveyor do?

Mining is an integral part of our economy-past, present, and future. We rely heavily on Mother Nature’s resources, from coal to precious gems, created and safely stored deep within the Earth. That’s why we have a lot to thank Mine Surveyors for. As a Mine Surveyor, you are a key player in the planning, operation, and cleanup of mining sites.

Even before the first shovel hits the ground, as the Mine Surveyor, you are on the jobsite, evaluating the potential gain of digging a mine in that location. You examine the soil, and gather data about lab results from samples taken on the surface and deep below it.

You ask questions and find answers. How much ore, coal, stone, and rock are down there? How much will it cost to bring it to the surface? What are the land rights, who holds them, and what agreements need to be reached in order for the company to mine the area?

The answers to these questions are just the beginning, because after you prepare a cost analysis, consider the environmental impact, and contribute to the design of the mine, you’re still on the job. In fact, you consistently measure the progress of the project and may even calculate the bonuses for the workers.

Once the job is complete, you oversee the shutdown, and make sure all efforts are made to restore the land and surrounding area to its original condition before moving on to the next location.