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Mine Superintendent

Inspect and fix structural issues at mines to ensure their safety.

What does a Mine Superintendent do?

A mine contains a maze of tunnels, all constructed and maintained to help Miners extract precious materials located deep below the ground. A plethora of rules and regulations must be followed so the workers are safe and the mine owners aren’t slapped with tickets. A Mine Superintendent develops plans to keep the mine operational and the workers safe.

As a Mine Superintendent, you perform an inspection every day to ensure that safety equipment is available and functional. In addition, you look over air quality reports to make sure the Mine Operators have safe air to breathe. If you spot a problem as the Mine Superintendent, you ask the workers to leave the mine until you can correct the error and make the workplace safe once more. Periodically, you head belowground yourself to make sure they’re doing the work as you’ve instructed.

Maps detailing the tunnels and air spaces of the mine take up a large part of a Mine Superintendent’s office. At least once a week, you look over the reports of your Mine Manager, and you determine how much the mine is producing. You may decide that the mine should be expanded so your company can pull out even more and make more money. You develop plans for the expansion and direct the Mine Engineers to carry out the plan.

Periodically, Inspectors visit your mine, and you serve as their guide. While you can’t bribe them with food or money, you can win them over with your knowledge and expertise. The rules that govern a mine change periodically, and you spend hours reading up on the changes, and you implement those changes at your mine.