Mine Safety Manager

Make sure safety systems and procedures are in place in case of emergency.

What does a Mine Safety Manager do?

As the name suggests, a Mine Safety Manager is concerned with only one issue: safety. In this line of work, it’s your job to ensure that the potentially dangerous job of mining is as safe for Mine Workers as possible. From installing new safety systems to mapping out escape routes in the event of an emergency, as the Mine Safety Manager you ensure every person can do their job without the threat of injury.

Your Mine Safety Manager duties are twofold: prevent accidents and prepare for the worst. Prevention involves identifying risks, such as cave-ins or falling rocks, setting up systems to warn of these dangers, and preventing them from occurring at all, if possible. Gas detectors, for example, can warn of dangerous gases so workers know to stay away.

Of course, no system is perfect and an accident may occur regardless of all your precautions. This is where constant preparation comes into play. You spend many of your workdays inspecting the mine, mapping out escape routes, and educating Mine Workers on how to react to specific emergencies.

It’s not enough to tell a person what to do if a tunnel starts to cave in. You must ensure they know the plan so well that they could do it in their sleep.

Your work is like that of any Safety Manager. The difference is you enforce safety measures underground instead of on a factory floor. It’s more than just meeting safety regulations, however. It’s about saving lives.