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Mine Safety Engineer

Design and supervise the safe construction of mines.

What does a Mine Safety Engineer do?

The statistics vary, but everyone agrees: Coal is the chief source of energy used in the world. Since the use of coal is so prevalent, mining is a major industry throughout the world. And that means Mine Safety Engineers are in hot demand. As a Mine Safety Engineer, you’re entrusted with plotting and planning the construction of mines, and ensuring the safe extraction of this vital resource.

Expert in maps, specialist on mining processes, and Hunter of specific deposits, as the Mine Safety Engineer, you’re the mastermind when it comes to successful and safe construction and management of mining. Your Mine Safety Engineer main responsibilities include determining locations for digging, directing the building of shafts, and recommending what equipment is necessary.

You’re also an expert on minerals and earth-a Geological Engineer with an acute understanding of the earth sciences. If a plot of land is too dangerous to dig, your word prevents massive mistakes that can cost human life.

After your careful planning, you supervise the actual work of the other Engineers and Technicians. While mines are profitable, your expert analysis reveals the fiscal cost of safety. You’re on site judging the quality and effectiveness of your carefully planned instructions for the mine. As the mine deepens, you keep yourself busy by predicting and preventing disasters.

This field has great room for expansion, as mine safety is of chief concern. Further development of clean mining is also an area with much growth. As a scientific and creative person, you find a lot of challenges and puzzles in this job!