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Mine Safety Analyst

Visit mines to ensure that all safety guidelines are in place.

What does a Mine Safety Analyst do?

When you hear the word “mine,” you probably think one of two things: 1) a Coal Miner, covered in black soot or swinging a pickax; or 2) a recent news report about Miners getting trapped in a collapse. To address the first stereotype, Miners today typically rely on automated and heavy equipment to scrape, scoop, and transfer materials inside the mine. As for the second, while modern safety procedures have made mining safer than it used to be, accidents still happen. That’s where the Mine Safety Analyst comes in.

As a Mine Safety Analyst, you make sure every safety guideline is followed on the job site. This means you spend your time as a Mine Safety Analyst, observing the work habits of the Miners. You monitor the use of mining equipment, evaluate the airflow in the mine, and assess the use and availability of safety equipment.

You’re quick to offer suggestions if you know of a better way to do things. You’re also quick to pick out safety violations, and aren’t afraid to put them in your report. After all, your goal is to protect workers and minimize accidents—whatever it takes.

In order to assess the stability and health of the working environment, you collect air and soil samples, and take them to the lab for testing. You also perform evaluations on site, such as measuring the air quality within the mine. Along the way, you also develop and implement safety training programs.