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Mine Inspector

Assess mine shafts to make certain they are safe for people to be in.

What does a Mine Inspector do?

If you’ve read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, you’ve probably had the misfortune of falling down a mineshaft. In those books, there’s one at the end of every page turn. The reason: Mineshafts are dangerous — and the Authors know it. Mine Inspectors know it, too, as it’s their job to inspect real mineshafts to make sure they’re safe for Miners.

As a Mine Inspector, you’re a trained Mine Safety Engineer who’s employed by your state or federal government, or by mines themselves. Your job is to visit both underground and surface mines in order to assess their compliance with health and safety laws. When you visit a mine, for instance, you look for rotted or incorrectly placed timbers, dangerous electrical systems, defective mechanical equipment, and improperly stored explosives. You also look for other hazardous conditions, including the presence of toxic or explosive gas and the practice of unsafe work behaviors by Miners, Blasters, and other mine employees.

In addition to inspecting, it’s your job as a Mine Inspector to reprimand and penalize. If you encounter a health or safety violation, therefore, it’s your responsibility to issue citations and mandate changes that will bring the mine up to code.

Of course, not every accident will be avoided. When one happens, therefore, it’s your job to investigate the cause and develop a plan for future prevention, part of which is employee education and training, which you develop and deliver.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a coal mine or a gold mine. Your job is making it a safe place to work — no matter what adventure the employees choose!