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Mine Engineer

Research mines to discover minerals and the best ways to get them out.

What does a Mine Engineer do?

With a nose for mapping and a talent for calculations, the Mine Engineer is the key to unlocking the valuable minerals and elements found below the Earth’s surface. Like a pirate searching for buried treasure, you map out the minerals’ locations, plan the best way to dig down to them, and calculate the resources needed to bring them back to the surface. You work in conjunction with the head Mine Manager and Mine Safety Managers to dig out a mine that is safe and cost-efficient, and produces large quantities of valuable resources.

Before you start digging away, you need to know what you’re after as a Mine Engineer. Through research and tests, you explore what minerals are available for extraction, and calculate how much the mine can produce. A mine that provides only a small truckload of coal isn’t worth the cost of digging it up and as a Mine Engineer you need to be aware of this.

When you’ve determined that an area is a good choice for mining, you plan out the best mine layout. Cost-efficiency and safety are your chief concerns. The mine must be constructed in a sturdy fashion, but must also reach the minerals through the shortest route possible to save on time and money.

Finally, your operation is underway, and you spend your days overseeing the mine’s progress. You work to ensure the continuing safety of the mine, and locate new minerals your team can extract. Soon all your hard work will pay off and it’ll be treasure ahoy!