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Mine Electrician

Keep the lights on and the air flowing for underground mines.

What does a Mine Electrician do?

Electricians perform a variety of duties above, on, and under the ground. They specialize in new construction, dabble in renovations, or run the wires for entire subdivisions. They also play a key role in keeping mining operations underway. As a Mine Electrician, you install, repair, maintain, and test lighting and machines used in the mine.

It’s no easy task dragging rolls of wire and components into the depths of the mine, so you always wear Mine Electrician safety gear and take all precautions. In addition, you’re aware of, and abide by, governmental policies. When installing electrical systems, you use your knowledge of local and national codes.

A job as a Mine Electrician often has you on call. If the lights go out, work screeches to a halt until you can make the required repairs. But, while you work quickly, precision and safety are at the top of your goal sheet.

Once on site, you inspect the damage, test connections, and identify the problem. Then you formulate a plan that identifies the supplies, time, and number of Electricians it will take to complete the task.

In addition to keeping the lights on, you also work on the hydraulic lifts and other machinery used in the mine. Without your help, the Miners wouldn’t be able to lower themselves into the mine, or dig, scrape, and haul out the precious materials they find.