Amuse audiences with exaggerated, wordless acts.

What does a Mime do?

Masters of the art of silence, Mimes are performers who act out elaborate, often hilarious, skits using their bodies and other props – but never words. Streets, carnivals, and theaters are common places to perform as a Mime. You entertain the crowds and engage their imaginations as you walk invisible tightropes and act out creative routines with simple objects.

As a performer, you often work either in a theater or auditorium or at an outdoor event. A circus, a theme park, or a fair passing through town may all hire Mimes to work with the crowds and entertain people as they move throughout the park.

What makes you so entertaining is your ability to convey a scene without speaking. While Actors rely heavily on spoken lines to make an impression, you rely on your body. A balloon suddenly becomes as heavy as a boulder while you lug it back and forth, or your arms flail wildly as you try to avoid falling off that invisible tightrope you’re tiptoeing across. When you’ve really captivated your audience, you’ll find them leaning to keep balance with you even though you’re feet are actually on solid ground.

Your costume also captivates your onlookers. Traditional Mimes choose the white face paint many have come to expect. Others skip the face paint and perform in colorful costumes. Whatever your choice, your work feels more like play, and you see to it that by the end of your show, everyone is smiling.