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Set up or install massive industrial machinery.

What does a Millwright do?

As a Millwright you install machinery and equipment in industrial spaces. This requires mechanical, construction, and design skills to help you read and decipher plans, blueprints, and drawings. And since you tackle jobs that involve heavy machinery as a Millwright, you also must be prepared for quite a bit of manual labor.

Your daily Millwright duties generally include moving equipment and assembling or dismantling it. You may even construct the foundation the equipment sits on, as well as its fastenings to that foundation. You’ll be grinding and filing machine parts to specifications. And you may be in charge of repairs and tests as well. If you’re really good at what you do, you may even be asked to teach that knowledge to other trade workers.

This involves a lot of (literally) heavy work, so you’ll need to have great dexterity, vision and visualization, reasoning, coordination, and focused attention. It may require a lot from you in terms of strength and manual skills, but it’s your childhood Bob the Builder dream come to life-everything from wrenches to forklifts at your fingertips.