Milling Machine Tender

Tend milling machines that mill surfaces of metal workpieces.

What does a Milling Machine Tender do?

Tends milling machines that mill surfaces of metal workpieces according to specifications: Positions and secures workpiece in fixture or feeding device. Starts machine, and turns handwheel to feed workpiece to cutter or vice versa, or engages automatic feeding mechanism. Turns valve handle to direct flow of coolant against cutter and workpiece. Observes machine operation, and removes and inspects machined workpiece to verify conformance to specifications, using instruments, such as gauges, calipers, micrometers, and templates. May change worn cutters, using wrenches. Records production output. May tend machine that mills workpiece according to programmed cycle. May turn controls to adjust feed rate of workpiece or speed of cutting tool. May mill nonmetallic materials.