Design fashionable, elegant or trendy hats.

What does a Milliner do?

Though everyone loves to tune in and check out the hats at the Kentucky Derby, for a Milliner, it’s more like a professional trade show than an idle interest. That’s because Milliners are Hat Makers. Ladies’ Hat Makers, to be more specific.

Like most Clothing Designers, Milliners need to possess customer service and design skills in equal parts. In this position, you work with clients one-on-one to figure out what they want, and then get to work making it happen. When you’re designing, you take into account things like where they want to wear the hat, what fabrics they like, what colors they look best in, and what statement they want to make. Once you have a good feel for what your client is after, you start designing.

You might make a large, brightly colored, brimmed hat, or a more demure mesh fascinator. The hats you design can be worn to weddings, horse races, or religious events. You use all sorts of fabrics and accessories-the only limit to what you can create is your imagination.

This is one of those fields that you don’t go into to make tons of money. In fact, it can be hard to be a full-time Milliner, and many do this as a second job or hobby. Some Milliners do a lot of work for horse shows, especially in areas of the world where those shows are bigger. Others primarily sell their work at craft fairs.