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Tend machines that mix or pulverize materials used in making cements.

What does a Miller do?

Tends machines that crush, mix, or pulverize materials, such as limestone, shale, oyster shells, clay, iron ore, silica, gypsum, and cement clinkers, used in making cement: Starts mill and conveyors. Observes conveyor system to ensure continuous flow of material. Stops conveyor and removes clogged material, using bar. Opens chute over conveyor to add materials, such as iron, silica, or gypsum, according to specifications. Observes operation of auxiliary equipment, such as cement pumps, air or screen separators, air slides, cement coolers, and dust collectors. Turns valves to regulate water, air, and oil lines on machine, according to laboratory specifications. May regulate feeder mechanism on machines not equipped with automatic regulators. May add moisture to materials to facilitate flow into machine. May be designated according to type of mill tended as Ball-Mill Operator; Finish-Mill Operator; Hammer-Mill Operator; Miller, Rod-Mill; Pug-Mill Operator; Raw-Finish-Mill Operator; Tube-Mill Operator; Vertical-Mill Operator.