Mill Worker

Perform basic duties like unloading logs to keep a mill running smoothly.

What does a Mill Worker do?

Mills are full of advanced machines that can cut, grind, mash, and heat trees, and turn them into products that people want to buy. The one thing these machines can’t do is load themselves. Someone must physically put logs into them, and that someone is you, the Mill Worker.

A Mill Worker is an entry-level position. The tasks you’re given may vary significantly from mill to mill, and as your skills improve, those tasks may change. You use winches and cables to grab logs and pull them into the mill, then you load those logs into the machine. After they’re processed, as the Mill Worker you remove the cut logs from the machine, then stack them in a kiln for drying.

Once they’re dry, you bundle up the finished products for shipping. It’s unlikely that you’ll do any log cutting yourself, as these sorts of advanced tasks require advanced training. Instead, you only load trees on and take products off.

In some mills, you may be responsible for maintaining the equipment, ensuring that the saws are sharp, and that the machine is well lubricated and prepared for work. You may also be asked to clean the mill at the end of the shift, so debris doesn’t collect underneath the machines and cause a safety hazard.

Mills are noisy places so you wear hearing protection all day long. Remember to use your inside voice when you return home from work. You don’t want to startle your family with your yelling.