Milking System Installer

Install and service automatic milking systems in barns and milkhouses.

What does a Milking System Installer do?

Installs and services automatic milking systems in barns and milkhouses, using handtools and power tools: Confers with customer to ascertain needs, sketches layout, and estimates costs for optimum equipment layout. Drills holes and bolts milking equipment, such as control panels, pumps, wash sinks, feed stalls, and gates, in specified locations. Cuts metal pipe to specified length, using hacksaw and vise. Installs and levels piping system, using pipe cutters, wrenches, and spirit level. Starts vacuum pump, calibrates vacuum gauges, and connects test instruments, such as pulsation recorder and stability gauge, to monitor system performance. Dismantles and cleans system. Replaces defective or malfunctioning system parts, using wrenches and washing equipment.