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Milk Receiver

Record weight of milks and tend machines that sterilize empty cans.

What does a Milk Receiver do?

Dumps, weighs, and records weight of incoming milk received in milk cans by dairy, and tends washing machine that sterilizes empty cans: Presses switch to activate conveyor of can washing machine and turns valves to admit steam and water to machine. Presses switch to activate conveyor that moves individual producer’s milk cans from unloading dock to dumping station. Removes cover from each can, smells milk to detect sourness, and tilts can to dump milk into weigh tank. Places emptied cans and covers on conveyor of washing machine. Reads scale and records total weight of milk in producer’s shipment and identification number of producer on record sheet. Dips and pours sample of producer’s milk from weigh tank into bottle for laboratory analysis. Pulls lever to open valve and empty weigh tank. Cleans and lubricates washing machine and conveyors.