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Military Historian

Document the history of wars.

What does a Military Historian do?

War is unavoidable. It prowls the world like a wild animal, and the Military Historian must find it, study it, and banish it when possible. Through research into the intricate battles of the past, the Military Historian analyzes the causes and costs of war, and stops an army from making the same mistake twice.

As a Military Historian, you likely work for a university or government organization. You have unlimited access to mountains of books, newspapers articles, and photographs or videos from the war of your choice. You document what weapons they used, where and how they fought, and what their military strategies were.

The field of military history is dynamic and ever changing. A past war is very different from a more modern war because of changes in technology and weaponry. After all, no one sees Soldiers sparring with swords anymore.

Yet your job goes beyond the details of guns and raging battles. Like a Philosopher, what really drives you is answering the question, “Why?” What causes war? How does it affect the world? And how can you prevent it?

Whether you’re finding flaws in the military’s current strategies or identifying international tensions to prevent them from escalating, you keep the present from paralleling the past. War is a ticking time bomb, and history is the tool that defuses it.