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Migrant Leader

Contract seasonal farm employment of Migrant Workers.

What does a Migrant Leader do?

Contracts seasonal farm employment of MIGRANT WORKERS: Consults employment agencies to locate work and confers with FARMERS to obtain suitable contracts for crew. Recruits and organizes crew and furnishes transportation to work site. Schedules en-route rest stops that afford shelters, benches or beds, cooking facilities, fuel and water, and adequate toilet and sanitary provisions. Confers with employer and community officials at site of employment to ensure availability of living quarters for families and single individuals, educational and recreational facilities, medical care, and day care for children. Supplies farm implements and machinery to crew and directs them in methods of cultivation, harvesting, and packaging of crop. Prepares payroll and production records. May provide initial financing of trips and advance funds to workers during idle periods. May be required to hold state registration certificate. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.