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Practice natural methods of prenatal care and delivery.

What does a Midwife do?

It might sound like an obsolete occupation out of a 19th century novel, but it’s actually becoming an increasingly popular choice for women giving birth today. As the demand for alternative medicine grows, more women want a holistic approach to giving birth, and that’s where a Midwife comes in. Most Midwives practice in hospitals, but may deliver babies in homes or alternative birthing centers as well.

As a Midwife, you’re intimately familiar with all aspects of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Women may ask even you for fertility advice before they get pregnant. Once they are pregnant, you’ll check up on them and help them make plans for giving birth. You’ll deliver the baby as a Midwife, and then you’ll help the mother get started with breastfeeding and other basics of caring for their newborn.

Your practice differs from conventional hospital births in that you embrace the natural processes of labor and delivery. Rather than automatically doling out pain medication and pulling the baby out with forceps, you try to make the patient as comfortable as possible so that the baby’s first interaction with the world is human and loving.

While you do need plenty of medical expertise, much of your role lies in communication. You’ll keep the patient and family in the loop about every little detail, so they know exactly what to expect when the day arrives. Ultimately, what your patients want is to have someone they know and trust to help them through one of the most important events of their lives.