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Middle School Teacher



Help middle school students learn and grow.

What does a Middle School Teacher do?

Middle school isn’t just the time of severe awkwardness, clique formation, and braces. It’s also the stage where students start learning more complex information in subjects like math, science, English, and the languages. As a Middle School Teacher, you educate 5th to 8th grade kids on a wide range of subjects, using different teaching techniques.

In your job as a Middle School Teacher, you usually focus on one subject-anything from the basics (English, math, science) to the less common (choir, wood shop, Latin). There are set rules regarding what lessons kids need to learn each year to be considered competent enough for the next level of schooling. With these rules as your guide, you create lesson plans as a Middle School teacher that not only educate your students, but also excite them. You might use computer programs, book reports, field trips, or guest speakers to motivate kids to learn.

Then you give tests and grades in order to judge if they’re learning the way they should. If you find that they’re falling behind, you use measures like tutoring or extra work to help them keep up.

As a Middle School Teacher, you have the difficult but important role of being more than just a Teacher. Middle school is not only the phase where kids start to express their individuality, but it’s also the beginning of puberty and complex social structures. This can be a really difficult time for a lot of kids as they handle hormones, confusing friendships, and the beginnings of independence. Because of this, you often serve as a Coach, friend, and confidant in addition to being a Teacher.

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