Middle School Science Teacher

Lead middle school students through science experiments.

What does a Middle School Science Teacher do?

In order to work as Doctors, researchers, and Physicists, people must master science skills. They must know how to design experiments, operate laboratory equipment, and decipher results. A Middle School Science Teacher plays a crucial role in this process. In middle school science classes, Teachers introduce science fundamentals that students will build upon in the years to come.

When you’re a Middle School Science Teacher, the students who stream into your class may be rowdy and excited. This energy is infectious, and you put it to good use in your classroom. You develop experiments for them to perform, and demonstrate those experiments before letting the students begin. As they work, you walk among them, making sure they’re wearing the proper safety equipment and doing the steps correctly.

Some students become overexcited during these experiments, and they can become a major distraction. Pulling them aside for a stern talk may help, but if not, you send them to the Principal for discipline.

Lectures may not make your students jump for joy, but they’re an important part of a Middle School Science Teacher’s lesson plans. Adding in slides, videos, and guest speakers helps you spice up your lessons. Often, your lectures and the homework you assign expand on topics found in your textbook.

To track the progress of your students, you give tests and quizzes, and you grade them carefully. Using these scores, along with scores from their laboratory reports and homework assignments, you provide each student with a letter grade. If students obtain consistently low grades, you speak with their parents and you offer to provide one-on-one coaching to help them improve.