Middle School Math Teacher

Make math fun for middle school students.

What does a Middle School Math Teacher do?

Math skills are built like pyramids: one block at a time. Each lesson a student masters provides the foundation for the next lesson. A Middle School Math Teacher is an important Architect in this process, helping students move from basic math (addition, subtraction) to higher math (algebra, geometry).

Middle school students can be energetic and rowdy. Harnessing that energy means developing active, thoughtful lesson plans that allow students to interact, talk, and move around. To be effective as a Middle School Math Teacher, you sprinkle your lessons with games, team activities, and competitions that inspire and engage students. Convincing them that math is fun as a Middle School Math Teacher, might be hard, but convincing them that it’s fun to beat one another in a game might be easier.

While the lessons might be fun, they do constitute serious business, and as a Middle School Math Teacher, you must ensure that your students meet the high math skills standards set by the state and federal governments. At the beginning of the school year, you study these guidelines, and you refer to them frequently as you plan your lessons.

Giving your students quizzes and tests helps you gauge their comprehension. If a student is struggling to understand the concepts, you come in early or stay late to help that student. In extreme cases, you ask the student’s parents to visit you to discuss their child’s performance. Perhaps the parents can provide extra assistance at home, and you share with them the goals you’ve set for the child.

Disruptive students can derail your class, and it falls on you to discipline them. Small comments can be quickly brushed aside, but if a student goes too far, you send them to the dreaded Principal ‘s office for discipline.