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Middle School English Teacher



Hone the English skills of middle school students.

What does a Middle School English Teacher do?

Grade school English Teachers stress fundamentals. With their help, students learn to read, spell, and compose basic sentences. By the time the students reach middle school, they need to learn more advanced lessons and improve their skills. And that’s where a Middle School English Teacher comes in.

When you’re a Middle School English Teacher, students in your classroom are pumped full of energy and hormones, and you work hard to make these wild creatures behave. At the beginning of the school year, you outline the rules of your classroom and tell your students the consequences for breaking them. At least one student will decide to test those rules, and when they do, as the Middle School English Teacher, it’s your responsibility to send them to the Principal for punishment. This stems the tide of rebellion.

Of course, being a Middle School English Teacher also means teaching the subject, and you do that by providing students with books and stories to read, and holding discussions to help them discern the meaning of those stories. The students may be completely unaccustomed to thinking in this way, and you spend a significant amount of time encouraging them to learn. In addition to verbal discussions, you ask them to write papers about the stories they’ve read, and you correct those papers.

In the midst of these advanced assignments, you continue to teach fundamentals. Introducing new words and complex sentence structures can help, and you quiz the students periodically to make sure they understand the concepts. Each student is given a grade several times per year, and you base that grade on their performance.

The state may also test your students, and you review those test questions periodically. If you notice that many questions revolve around subject/verb agreement, for example, you may teach several lessons on the topic.

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