Middle School Art Teacher

Conduct art classes in middle school.

What does a Middle School Art Teacher do?

If you have a passion for art and teaching, as well as patience by the barrel-full, then becoming a Middle School Art Teacher could be a great career choice. Art skills are important, but at the middle school level, they aren’t as important as being a great Teacher first and foremost, and inspiring kids to be creative and love what they’re doing.

One of the coolest parts about being a Middle School Art Teacher, is that you provide a place where kids can express themselves-and during a time in their lives when it’s nearly impossible to do so. Middle School isn’t exactly the easiest time in life (bullies, pimples, and puberty anyone?). As the Middle School Art Teacher you’ll be there to give discipline and direction, and a scheduled time where the kids can be creative and have fun doing what they love.

Specialized areas like art history and graphic design aren’t as important here as they are in high school, so focus more on developing rudimentary skills, basic building blocks students can take with them to the next level. You’ll also need to help students figure out what they’ll want to focus on once they get the chance to create their own projects.