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Microwave Supervisor

Plan installation and maintenance of microwave transmitters and receivers.

What does a Microwave Supervisor do?

Plans relocation, installation, repair, and maintenance of microwave transmitters and receivers for cable-television broadcasting and gives technical advice and direction to laboratory and field staff regarding microwave transmission and reception: Plans installation or relocation of microwave transmitters and receivers for improved cable-television reception, new channels, or on-site live-broadcast transmission, using knowledge of microwave and electronic theory and electronic measuring and testing instruments. Directs laboratory and field supervisors and technicians in technical aspects of relocating, installing, repairing, and maintaining microwave transmitters and receivers. Monitors field and laboratory technicians to see that F.C.C. regulations regarding microwave equipment are observed. Advises field and laboratory staff on technical problems of microwave equipment, commercial-FM radios used in company trucks, and portable radios used by field staff.