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Microfilm Camera Operator

Operate microfilm unit cameras to film documents.

What does a Microfilm Camera Operator do?

Operates microfilm unit camera to film documents: Selects and inserts format disk, turns knobs and flips switches to set controls of unit operation, such as exposure time, margin space, and camera action, according to format instructions. Selects specified camera lens according to document reduction ratios desired on film and slides lens into position on unit. Loads film into camera and splices film to device that facilitates movement of film through unit, using splicing tape. Positions documents on unit feed belt, depresses pedal to activate camera, and observes control panel to monitor unit operation. Replaces film or realigns documents according to signal lights on control panel. Observes colors on printed documents to determine exposure settings based on predetermined standards, and adjusts unit controls to obtain desired effects. Removes film from unit and wraps film in light-resistant bag for further processing. Completes film identification sheet that indicates indexing numbers of microfilm and attaches sheet to bag for reference by MICROFILM PROCESSOR 976.385-010. May work in darkroom and develop exposed film through chemical processing.