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Microelectronics Assembler

Install and test tiny electronic parts found inside everyday items.

What does a Microelectronics Assembler do?

The modern world is filled with fancy gadgets, making our lives easier or at least more interesting. While many of the processes involved in building these gadgets have been automated, they still need human intervention. That’s where you come in.

As a Microelectronics Assembler, you’re the final phase of construction between the manufacturer and the retailer/consumer. You assemble, test, and assure a high level of quality for everything you build.

Being a Microelectronics Assembler means loving details and working with your hands, so a steady hand is vital. You have the potential to work with the most delicate parts of the device, where being off a fraction of a centimeter could completely ruin the whole thing.

You work with soldering irons, rulers, and other fine-work tools. Attention to detail and color vision matter, as many electronic devices have small, colored wires that need to be hooked up in just the right way. Many Microelectronics Assemblers work in “clean rooms” where any dust or dirt could kill the product, so be ready to adhere to strict protocols when entering and exiting work.

Advances in manufacturing technology and methods have changed the way Assemblers work. No longer will you endlessly solder the same two pieces together for hours on end like a mindless drone. Sure, you’ll spend many hours sitting or standing, but new processes usually find manufacturers rotating between jobs.

You’ll become familiar with every element of your production phase. Your job will change all the time, while consistently upgrading your skills. The design team may even consult with you and your coworkers on new ways to improve products, make them easier to assemble, and ensure high quality.