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Microcomputer Support Specialist

Install, modify and repair microcomputer hardware and software systems.

What does a Microcomputer Support Specialist do?

Installs, modifies, and makes minor repairs to microcomputer hardware and software systems and provides technical assistance and training to system users: Inspects microcomputer equipment and reads order sheet listing user requirements to prepare microcomputer for delivery. Installs or assists service personnel in installation of hardware and peripheral components, such as monitors, keyboards, printers, and disk drives on user’s premises, following design or installation specifications. Loads specified software packages, such as operating systems, word processing, or spreadsheet programs into computer. Enters commands and observes system functions to verify correct system operation. Instructs user in use of equipment, software, and manuals. Answers client’s inquiries in person and via telephone concerning systems operation; diagnoses system hardware, software, and operator problems; and recommends or performs minor remedial actions to correct problems based on knowledge of system operation. Replaces defective or inadequate software packages. Refers major hardware problems to service personnel for correction. Attends technical conferences and seminars to keep abreast of new software and hardware product developments.